Mind pollution

Some drugs are good for you, but many can be harmful. We are daily amazed at how perverted people are becoming, and it is because television presents the heroes of our society in such a manner.

Skumm throws it to him and Boris downs half the pills in one go, only to have Linka snatch the rest. You see, Boris unwittingly revealed to the rat-man that Linka is a Planeteer and now the rat-man will only sell Boris the Bliss in exchange for Linka.

I like what the Lord says in the st section of the Doctrine and Covenants: How about taking just five minutes each week to review the TV log and then establishing a few rules that all the family agrees to concerning viewing time and on which channel.

She asks to see her favourite cousin, and Uncle Dmitri calls Boris down the stairs. Linka immediately becomes worried, pleading aloud, "Not Boris.

Mind Pollution?

When a minister steeps himself in the filth of the world, how can he honestly minister the clean, pure, holy word of God.

Believe what you are told.

Pollution of the Mind

He tells himself that his drives are God-given and, therefore, not that bad. Episode Summary[ edit ] The episode opens with a clean-cut young man being offered drug by Verminous Skumm. Boris calls out to him, demanding the bottle, and Skumm tosses it to him. They would have some radiant glory coming from them because they had been with God, and people would look upon them and see that they were a Christian and not a stinking phony.

Then he runs out into the street and narrowly avoids being hit by a bus. She asks to see her favorite cousin, and Uncle Dimitri calls Boris down the stairs. Many are literally addicted to television and are actually unable to cope without at least one running in the background.

Captain Planet: Mind Pollution

Once you realize the magnitude of the lie we are being fooled to believe, you will also realize the magnitude of the truth we must embrace.

Women who do hold jobs even figure out schemes to find out what is happening on their favorite show while they are at work. But this is enough to sway Linka to call Captain Planet with the rest of the Planeteers.

Your personality will be diminished. Beauty is created by those who are also beautiful on the inside as well Spiritual awakening is the realization of your true spiritual self while breaking out of the shell of false beliefs imposed on us by others through mind pollution.

The health of our planet relies on the health of its people. Boris crashes his way through the window, which causes him to start bleeding profusely. All of us, by the flip of a switch, allow much highly questionable and some downright objectionable filth to occupy the center stage of our family circle.

Wheeler says they have not heard from her all week, and Gi is instantly worried. Skumm, however, points out that Boris will continue to suffer without the pills. What do you expect. What about Christian women partaking of an entertainment medium that regularly brings to the television screen promiscuity, adultery, incest, homosexuality, endlessly serial marriages, drug abuse, violence and double-dealing of every imaginable variety.

You can choose not to take drugs. He grabs Linka by the arms and angrily asks how she could help him. Mind pollution is a way to keep you in the same vibrational energy as those producing it. Once you refuse to accept this mind pollution and continue to embrace truth, love, kindness, and happiness, you will be the inspiration of the change in the world.

Online shopping from a great selection at Digital Music Store. Check out Mind Pollution by SHEAFS on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on winforlifestats.com Mind Pollution by David winforlifestats.com is the solution To mind pollution Will it take a revolution To reform this evolution Our youth are being bombarded With music pornography and.

Page/5(1). mind pollution unknown Unneccesary, irrelevant and plain boring information, media and advertisement attacking your mind, resulting in a slow and superficial condition.

Damn John, stop the mind pollution, I don't care what you ate last week. Mind Pollution is the first episode in the second season of Captain Planet and the winforlifestats.com was written by Doug Molitor. Rather than dealing with any environmental problem, the Planeteers have to face the issue of drugs and what can happen to a polluted mind.

Mind pollution
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