Vegetarianism could save the planet

Nearly two thirds of the manmade ammonia — a major contributor to acid rain — is also generated by livestock. Many more people struggle with periodic water scarcity, sometimes because of drought and sometimes because of mismanagement of water sources.

Read More Emissions from the production of beef and lamb are times higher than those from legumesper gram of protein, and pork and poultry are 40 times higher than legumes. But this contributes to the rise of resistant bacteria, and so makes it harder to treat human illnesses.

10 ways vegetarianism can help save the planet

There's simply not enough land on the planet to raise enough meat to feed everyone the average American diet. Someone who regularly eats factory-farmed products cannot call himself an environmentalist without divorcing that word from its meaning.

10 ways vegetarianism can help save the planet

Other academics have calculated that if the grain fed to animals in western countries were consumed directly by people instead of animals, we could feed at least twice as many people — and possibly far more — as we do now.

Not so great a hardship, really. Also, I don't want to see livestock farming disappear - it shaped the countryside we know. The answer is a lot but the figures are imprecise and disputed. The Mediterranean diet alone one that includes lower amounts of animal products will still result in increased emissions, and the pescetarian diet a vegetarian diet that includes fish will lead to only a small degree of reduction in emissions.

Every cow fattened in Gambella state in southern Ethiopia and exported to Abu Dhabi or Britain is taking the pressure off water supplies back home but increasing it elsewhere.

The average Briton eats 50g of animal protein a day: But before we leap to conclusions and lump all livestock rearing together, consider this: How much food we grow is not just limited by the amount of available land but meat-eaters need far more space than vegetarians.

Behind most of the joints of beef or chicken on our plates is a phenomenally wasteful, land- and energy-hungry system of farming that devastates forests, pollutes oceans, rivers, seas and air, depends on oil and coal, and is significantly responsible for climate change.

Broiler chickens are the best, needing around 3.

Go vegan, save the planet

Eating meat is part of the biological cycle which sustains the planet and by not killing them there would be ecological imbalance Mackenzie, According to Taylor, the latter are unsustainably inefficient.

A meat diet is generally considered twice as expensive as a vegetarian one. We mostly breed four species — chickens, cows, sheep and pigs — all of which need vast amounts of food and water, emit methane and other greenhouse gases and produce mountains of physical waste.

Why vegetarianism will not save the world. Ian MacKenzie.

Why vegetarianism will not save the world

Sep 9, A controversial interview with author and ex-vegan Lierre Keith on how a vegetarian diet is not the answer to save our ailing planet.

ON THE ONE HAND, a locally grown steak, from a cow raised on grass and without hormones. On the other hand, a highly-processed soy burger.

Will turning vegetarian save the planet?

So, asks Laurie Tuffrey, can going vegetarian really help the earth? A quick glance at the statistics for the environmental impact of meat production provides ample food for thought. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) provides some staggering statistics.

Can Vegetarianism Save The Planet?

However, a lot of discussion has f late been based on the possibility that a vegetarian diet can save the planet. Scope. Such a discussion is going to be looked into, using a number of arguments and counter arguments.

First Argument: Reducing air and water pollution. A vegetarian diet can help reduce the level of environmental destruction. New research shows how the widespread adoption of vegetarian and vegan diets could save millions of lives and trillion of dollars.

Only vegetarian food can save the humanity on a larger period than anything else. I love vegetarian food and make my comments to bring promote this in world Phone: (+44) Vegetarianism Could Save the Planet A.

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Vegetarianism could save the planet
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DELINGPOLE: No, Vegetarianism Won't Save the World from 'Climate Change'